What is a Travel Designer?

Ryan & Jasmine of Folden-Diaz

Ryan & Jasmine of Folden-Diaz

A travel designer is more than a booking agent that can help you get free breakfast. A true travel designer is a trusted advisor that takes your priorities and preferences and turns them into travel experiences. 

We are a new breed - offering a new level of service. Here are a few of the ways, we work to set ourselves apart:  

1. Personalized service - Our core value is service. We highly value our clients and their needs, wants, and desires. From your first trip, we get to know you and how to anticipate your every need. 

2. Time - We recognize that our clients put the greatest value in time - so we put in the work, chasing down the details - so that our clients don't have to.

3. Partnerships - We are constantly strengthening our reach, educating ourselves and traveling - to maintain partnerships around the world, ensuring that our clients will be taken care of.