When we were younger, our Travel Fund was a glass jar.

"I’m a traveler, a daydreamer and a people person. I’ve always been those things at heart. Now I’m those things by profession. Not many people are lucky enough to find their calling."

- Ryan Diaz

Ryan entered the travel industry as a Business Development Manager for a specialized planning company in 2005. With his love for travel and his commitment to great service, he created numerous profitable relationships for that company throughout North America. He is now co-lead of Folden-Diaz, where his detail-oriented nature is consistently invaluable and his panache for developing relationships is ideally suited to creating new ways to provide his clients with better service and more value.

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"I got into this business to follow my passion – travel. I gained success when I discovered my talent – service. I became an expert when I learned the real meaning of luxury – value."

- Jasmine Folden

Jasmine has over ten years of experience planning specialized and detailed itineraries for a select clientele. During her tenure at luxury lifestyle management firm Mint Lifestyle, she developed a succinct understanding of how to care for the world’s most avid travelers. She is now co-lead of Folden-Diaz, where her passion and skill are paramount in seeing through thoughtful and exciting experiences for her clients with her own variety of absolutely personalized service.

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